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Personal career of representative director

Mineko Okamura (CEO/Producer)

profile She joined the company, SEGA Corporation, in 1998 and had a role of assistant producer in the group of Mr. Tetsuya Mizuguchi. She supported him as a core member of the titles that have abundant originality such as "Space Channel 5(DC/PS2)" series and "Rez(DC/PS2)". In 2001, she engaged in the whole gamut of development works of "Rez" as a senior assistant producer and contributed to various promotion works. In 2002, "Rez" has won Honorary Mention of Ars Electronica's Interactive Art category in Europe. It was also awarded Sound Design Prize of Digital Contents Grand Prix Entertainment Category by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan, Special Prize of Japan Media Arts Festival by Agency for Cultural Affairs, and many other prizes.
In 2004, "ASTRO BOY(PS2)" was launched from SEGA as the first work produced by her, and it was a full 3D game that was developed at the first time in the long history of Mighty Atom. After that, she joined Microsoft Game Studio and released "Ninety-nine Nights" as a new project of Xbox360, then left the company in 2006. She established Grounding Inc. in September 2007 after she worked as a freelance producer.

  Related titles:
    Space Channel 5 Series (DC/PS2)
    Rez (DC/PS2)
    Astro Boy (PS2)
    Ninety-nine Nights (Xbox360)
    Picturebook games: Pop-up Pursuit! (Wii ware)
    Picturebook games: Royal Bluff (DSi ware)

Yukio Futatsugi(CKO/Director)

profile He is known as the birth parent of "Panzer Dragoon". After working for "Panzer Dragoon" "Panzer Dragoon Zwei" and "Panzer Dragoon Saga" in SEGA, he moved to SCE and got engaged in the game development of some titles. Then he joined Microsoft Game Studio, and directed the production of "Phantom Dust" and released it worldwide. After that, he started to support the game development of many titles such as "Blue Dragon" "Ninety-nine Nights" as a game design manager of Microsoft Game Studios. In 2007, he assumed a director and CKO of Grounding Inc.

  Related titles:
    Panzer Dragoon (SS)
    Panzer Dragoon Zwei (SS)
    Panzer Dragoon Saga (SS)
    Phantom Dust (Xbox)
    Picturebook games: Pop-up Pursuit! (Wii ware)
    Picturebook games: Royal Bluff (DSi ware)

Noboru Hotta (CCO/Art Director)

profile After playing an active role as a designer of many titles in firms such as KONAMI and SEGA, he took charge of the director of "METEOS" in Q Entertainment Inc. ("METEOS" is a puzzle game produced by Mr. Masahiro Sakurai which won outstanding performance award of Ninth CESA GAME AWARDS, JAPAN GAME AWARDS at present, and The IGN Editor's Choice Award.) He is now nurturing contents of not only home video games but also various types of games behind the scenes as a creative officer of Grounding Inc. by taking advantage of his ample experience as an animation artist.

  Related titles:
    Rez (DC/PS2)
    Astro Boy (PS2)
    Meteos (DS)
    Picturebook games: Pop-up Pursuit! (Wii ware)
    Picturebook games: Royal Bluff (DSi ware)

Toru Hashimoto (External director)

He is the president of SARUGAKUCHO Inc. and gets engaged in the business of debugging and tuning the game software.


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