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Personal career of representative director

Okamura Mineko (CEO, Producer)

profile After leaving former company Avex, she joined Sega in 1998, and worked under Mizuguchi Tetsuya as an assistant producer. She supported him on original titles such as “Space channel 5” and “Rez”. With 2001’s “Rez”, she looked over all production as senior assistant producer as well as promotion. “Rez” went on to attain multiple awards such as an honorary mention in Ars Electronica’s interactive art award, Japans Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s digital grand prix entertainment sound award, and the Agency of Cultural Affairs media art special award.

In 2004, as her first producer role, she worked and released the first ever 3D imagining of “Astro boy” from Sega. After which she joined Microsoft and worked on a new project for the Xbox360 “Ninety-nine Nights”, and leaving the company after release in 2006. After working as a freelance producer, she joined with Futatsugi and Hotta to form Grounding in September 2007.

At Grounding, She has produced many titles with Nintendo such as, “Playable book Tobidasugoroku!(Wii)”, “Playable book Mind ten(DS)”, “Sakura samurai(3DS)”, “Nintendoji(3DS)”. Recently she has focused on gamification of health care services. With “The feeling of the body (Android/iOS)” she designed and produced the health care app with Docomo healthcare. Recognizing her contribution and promotion of women health, in 2016 she was awarded the first ever “Japan service” award. Ever since its service began in 2012, over 600 thousand users have used it and its contents have continued to grow by collaboration with yoga studios and becoming a vital tool for women in Japan.

The board game “Machikoro” which she helped create also went on to be the first Japanese game to be nominated for the prestigious “German board game awards 2015”. “Machikoro” moved on to become an app game “Machikoro Match! (iOS/Android)”, as well as becoming a web comic with Shyueisha on their Jump+ platform “Machikor Match!+” written by Hirakata Masahiro, and an original TV show aired on FujiTV “Sorakara Machikoro”, becoming a multimedia IP form the company.

Currently in conjunction with the 15th anniversary of “Space channel 5” she is working on creating VR content. As well as the currently in development “Space channel 5 VR ukiuki viewing show”, she is working on a VR app with KDDI and continues to work on pleasing the fans.

Futatsugi Yukio (COO Director, Grounding Fukuoka studio manager)

profile A well-known game creator, mainly due to being the creator of the “Panzer Dragoon” series. After working at Sega on “Panzer Dragoon(SS/SEGA’1995)”, “Panzer Dragoon Zwei(SS/SEGA’1996)”, “AZEL Panzer Dragoon RPG(SS/SEGA’1998)”, he moved on to SCE and worked on multiple titles. Afterwards he joined Microsoft. Directed the classic “Phantom dust (Xbox)” which was released worldwide. The game has been re-released in 2017 on Xbox One/Windows10 and has increased its fan base once again.
He moved on to work as a game design manager at Microsoft game studios and worked on titles such as “Ninety-Nine Nights (Xbox360)”, “Blue Dragon (Xbox360)”.
Finally in 2007 he joined with Okamura who he met at Microsoft, and his old friend Hotta to start Grounding and became the COO.

At Grounding, he collaborated with Microsoft to create “Crimson Dragon (Xbox One)”, “Crimson Dragon Side Story (Windows Phone)” as the “Crimson Dragon” series and has directed multiple console titles. In 2012 he started up the Fukuoka studio and staring with the smartphone app “Machikoro(iOS)”, he worked with Mixi on “Black knight strikers”, to create a foundation for developing smartphone app within the company. With “For whom the alchemist (iOS/Android)”, a title still in service released from Fuji&gumi games, he worked with the title from its inception to service and helped make it a popular title.

Currently his smart phone title “Beat Legion” and VR contents are gaining attention at the Bit summit event.

Hotta Noboru (COO Art director)

profile After Working at Konami and Sega on many title such as “Rez” as a designer, he joined Q Entertainment and worked on “Meteos” as the art director. (Meteos won the 9th CESA GAME AWARDS and IGN Editor’s Choice Award, and is a puzzle game directed by Sakurai Masahiro)
Putting to use his experience as an animation artist, he has worked as the creative officer at Grounding, working as the art director on Nintendo titles such as “Playable book Tobidasugoroku!(Wii)”, “Playable book Mind Ten(DS)”, “Sakura samurai(3DS)”, “Nintendouji(3DS)”.
He has done the art work on almost all of Groundings board games including “Machikoro”. Being very kind as well as being a renowned artist, his work has impressed many overseas publishers allowing his art to be used on foreign versions of the board games, a rarity for board game localization.

Toru Hashimoto (External director)

He is the president of SARUGAKUCHO Inc. and gets engaged in the business of debugging and tuning the game software.


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