Creating fun
is just the start

Earth-based creation.


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English test


English test


People, smiles, designs, everyone is a piece of the earth.
Such “fragments” are joined together with joy.
The kind that can bring light to the corners of the universe.

Creation rooted in the earth.
This is the design concept of Granding.





Interpreter and administrative assistant (contract or part-time)

Job description

Provide accounting and PR support as well as casual interpreting/translation.


Female aged 18 or over.
No specific academic background is required and applicants of all nationalities are welcome.
Experience in living overseas or fluent in English (TOEIC 800 or over).
Working experience in general affairs using English is preferred. Working hours are negotiable if applicants are working mothers.

How to Apply

Please send

1) your CV with your photo and seal stamped,

2) your work history, and

3) materials for application to the following address.

Note: Please give your own email address in your CV if you have it.

Apply Address

Recruiting HP section, G-rounding Inc.
Minamiaoyama Court Hills 1st floor, 4-11-8, Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0062, Japan


Salary commensurates with experience and ability in accordance with the company’s regulations, without regard to age and academic background. The salary will be changed depending on ability and performance demonstrated by the employee after he/she joins the company.


No work on Saturdays, Sundays and
national holidays. Annual paid holidays.
Congratulation or condolence leave.
Special incentive leave.

Working hours

11:00 - 19:00

(including 1-hour lunch break)

Incentive system

Performance awards are given to employees involved in software production and development. (Incentive system is a royalty-related compensation system based on sell-through and actual performance of the title(s) employees are responsible for.)


All social insurances (health insurance, employment insurance, and employees’ pension) are provided.


Conditions for part-timers are determined separately after consultation.