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MACHI KORO With Everyone

Digital Board Game

July 5, 2024

Roll the dice, earn coins, and build your city! Machi Koro is a globally popular analog board game that was nominated for Spiel des Jahres, the German Game of the Year Award, in 2015. “Machi Koro With Everyone” is the definitive digital and online version of Machi Koro by the developer, Grounding. Please try “Machi Koro” online and enjoy this fun game with everyone!

The appeal of "MACHI KORO With Everyone"

“Machi Koro With Everyone” is a package combining all two versions; the original “Machi Koro”  and the latest “Machi Koro 2.”

You can play online with up to 4 players using a controller or mouse!

Recommended for board game beginners, a party game that can be played with the whole family!

Communicate with unique characters!
Equipped with communication using pictograms!


In addition to “Machi Koro”, you can also play the latest “Machi Koro 2”!

When playing alone, a unique AI character will be your opponent!

Overview of This Game

Machi Koro With Everyone
Digital Board Game
Distribution Date:
July 5, 2024
3,000 yen (excluding tax)
Steam, Nintendo Switch™
Number of Players:
Offline 1-4, Online 2-4
Sales Agency:
Grounding Inc.
Grounding Inc.
Official Site:

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