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We respect the individual attributes of each and every member of the team here at Grounding Inc.
Their skill and passion for what they do works like a chemical reaction,
which really comes to the fore in every new game we develop.
So who are the people that make up the team here?



Yukio Futatsugi

Joined Sega Enterprises (now Sega Games) in 1992. After Sega, his career has taken him to SCE (now SIE) and Microsoft. In 2007 he founded Grounding Inc. and in 2012 he opened the Fukuoka Studio. His track record in game development encompasses titles for the Sega Saturn, PS2, Xbox, Wii, DS and smartphones.

  • Board Member / Fukuoka Studio Manager

    Satoshi Takaki

  • Board Member / Tokyo Studio Manager

    Toshiharu Tange

  • Board Member / Kyoto Studio Manager

    Kentaro Yoshida


Other Members


Recruitment Information

Do you want to join our team and shape the future? We are the team behind some of the most original titles out there, including Machi Koro and Space Channel 5 VR! We are involved in developing a wide range of entertainment content, from smartphone apps through to console games as well as analog/board games.