Grounding: Voices


Masahiro Yamada

What does a Director do?

I feel like the Director of a game is responsible for making it interesting and fun. In order to make a game that people want to keep playing, you have to make it engaging and that of course also means it will sell. That is the job if the Director. Also you have to make the decisions - big and small - during the whole process. That is the main part of this job, making decisions. On a typical project I would decide on what the main gameplay concept is, then we would move on to describing how the game flows from scene to scene, what the goal of the game is, and so forth. All of this requires someone to be making decisions.

What are your future plans at Grounding?

I want to make the current project I am working on into a success.

Positives about working at Grounding

It is a comfortable place. People here are kind and friendly, and it is a calm environment. The CEO here has many ideas and for the game designers here that is a big positive as they are never short of ideas.

If Grounding was a person, what would they be like?

A fresh and unassuming young person. Someone looking to try many different things and experience as much as they can. Someone with dreams and goals that they want to pursue.


Recruitment Information

Do you want to join our team and shape the future? We are the team behind some of the most original titles out there, including Machi Koro and Space Channel 5 VR! We are involved in developing a wide range of entertainment content, from smartphone apps through to console games as well as analog/board games.